How do Leaf Bands Stack Up?

February 03, 2015

How do Leaf Bands Stack Up?

Organic leaves add another fun element to mix and match with your existing ring collection or to stack beside your engagement ring. Keep in mind how large the leaves appear on your finger, as well as where they rest on your finger depends upon your ring size and the ring you're stacking it beside.

For reference, my finger is about a size 5. You can see where the leaves rest on my finger, and how they stack up beside a variety of engagement ring styles. The size of the engagement ring, as well as how wide its setting is, will dictate where the Leaf Band can rest. For example, the engagement rings in the two photos below have larger, wider settings. This means the leaves must sit farther away from the center of my finger in order for the two rings to stack snugly.


If I wanted the leaves to rest higher on my finger when stacked with a wide setting, the two rings would not be able to stack as snugly since the setting and leaves would touch one another. The first photo below is another wide setting, which shows how the setting and leaves would hit one another when you try to stack them exactly side-by-side. The second photo below shows the same rings, but this time with the leaves not directly next to the engagement ring's setting.


If your finger is smaller than mine, the leaves may rest between your fingers a bit more if you want your stack to look identical to my positioning. Or if you want your leaves more centered on your finger, there could be some negative spacing between the two rings. In summary, exactly where your two rings stack depends upon your finger size and which rings you're stacking. Your stack may not look identical to how these rings stack on my size 5 finger.

Here are some more examples of how the Leaf Band stacks up with a variety of styles on my hand: