Charles & Colvard Dark Green Moissanite Center, Diamond Halo (1.64ctw, Ready to Ship)

Choice of diamonds or no diamonds in shank (band portion of ring)

 Ready to ship in size 5.5, yellow goldAllow 1 week before shipping. 
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  • The vintage-inspired small Adeline makes a statement engagement ring. Featuring an extremely rare dark green Charles & Colvard moissanite center, accented by conflict-free lab-grown diamonds. Charles & Colvard only ever created a handful of these stones, and they never even offered them to the public! I was lucky enough to spot them during a private tour of their offices several years ago, and purchased 3 stones -- which may be the only 3 like it they ever created! They're in a deep emerald-green hue, and feature slight micropiping inclusions. The shank (band portion of the ring) features la-grown diamonds set halfway around. Wedding bands modeled in photos are sold separately; this listing is for the Adeline halo ring only. 

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    ➣ Size: 7x5mm (1.2ct diamond equivalent)
    ➣ Dark green moissanite, by Charles & Colvard 
    ➣ Moissanite Certificate of Authenticity

    ➣ Clarity & Color: VS/FG 
    Lab-grown diamonds
    ➣ Halo diamond weight: ~.33ct
    ➣ Shank diamond weight (if selected): ~.11ct 
    ➣ Diamonds halfway around the shank. 

    ➣ Recycled 14k yellow gold 
    ➣ Halo measures: ~13.5mm long by 10mm wide
    ➣ Shank (band): 2mm wide, tapered at top 
    ➣ Total ring height: ~7.5mm high  
    ➣ Cathedral shoulders and leafy gallery below halo  

    ➣ Diamonds halfway around shank:  1.64ctw


    Moissanite is a lab-grown gemstone which was first discovered over 100 years ago on a meteor that struck earth. Its high refractive index and light dispersion produce brilliance and fire not seen in other gems. Its incredible durability ranks second only to diamond -- even higher than sapphire or ruby, and much higher than the emerald gemstone. Moissanite's sparkle, durability, and ethical lab-creation make this stone the perfect engagement ring choice. Charles & Colvard only ever created a few of these stones, which they never even debuted to the public. I saw them during a private tour of their offices several years ago, and was lucky enough to purchase 3 stones! These dark greens from Charles & Colvard are beyond rare, so snag one while you can!

    About gemstone durability 
    About Lab-Grown accent diamonds

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