Grey Moissanite Feather Engagement Ring, Carved Setting (Ready to Ship)

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Ready to ship in size 7 only. Allow 1-2 weeks before shipping.
➣ Sizes 6 to 6.75 will take 3-4 weeks to resize before shipping. 
➣ Please read the entire policies and FAQ's sections before ordering.

The hand-carved band was inspired by vintage feather motifs. Set atop the feather is a natural grey moissanite in a hand-carved floral basket setting. This ring avoids all harmful mining of gold and gemstones, making this design a truly eco-friendly choice. It's a celebration of our environment and a wonderful alternative engagement ring.

On rare occasions, a natural grey hue can occur during the moissanite crystal growing process. Since Charles & Colvard is no longer creating them, these greys are in extremely limited supply. These 1ct fancy greys contain inclusions and elongated crystal micro pipes, which are part of the natural crystal growing process. The piping give them a more rustic, milkier overall hue, with flecking throughout. 

➣ Thick, hand-carved, four-prong setting; floral design
➣ Low profile setting sits only 4.5mm above its shank
➣ Set atop feather to allow bands to stack beside
➣ Natural grey moissanite, crafted by Charles & Colvard
➣ Moissanite: 6.5mm (1ct diamond equivalent)
➣ Read more about the clarity of grey moissanites below

➣ Recycled 14k yellow gold
➣ Dimensions: about 2mm; 1.7mm thick
➣ Finish: polished 
➣ Ready to ship in size 7 only. Available for resizing from 6 to 7. 

This listing is for the Grey Moissanite Feather Ring only; wedding bands in photos are sold separately. 

About Grey Moissanite:

Moissanite is a lab-grown gemstone which was first discovered over 100 years ago on a meteor that struck earth. Its high refractive index and light dispersion produce brilliance and fire not seen in other gems. Moissanite's sparkle, durability, and ethical lab-creation make this stone the perfect engagement ring choice. These fancy colored grey moissanites contain inclusions and elongated crystals, called micro pipes, which are part of the natural crystal growing process. They make each moissanite entirely unique, with patterning and attributes that only your stone will have. The grey hue is natural (not coated like other colors) is no longer being created. This ring is one-of-a-kind, so grab one while you can! 

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