Oval Salt + Pepper Diamond, Trillion Diamonds (1.85ctw)

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  • The Juno three-stone ring is the perfect blend of edgy-meets- classic. Featuring an extremely high quality oval brilliant cut salt + pepper diamond, accented with trillion cut diamond side stones. This silvery-hued diamond is truly one-of-a-kind, and features the most shimmering, glittery pattern I've ever seen! 

    Recommended wedding band pairing (sold separately): the V-Band

    ➣ Size: 8x6mm (1.49ct)
    ➣ Transparent with salt + pepper flecking 
    ➣ Natural, untreated, conflict-free
    ➣ Brilliant cut faceting 

    ➣ Conflict-free mined diamonds, VS/G quality
    ➣ Trillion diamond total weight:  .36ctw

    ➣ Choice of recycled gold color or platinum 
    ➣ Leaf shaped basket-style prong setting
    ➣ Shank (band): 2mm wide, tapered at top
    ➣ Total ring height: ~6mm tall  


    Until recently, diamonds that weren't completely clear were thought to be inferior by society's standards. In recent decades, designers started to question the notion of "value" and the social norms associated with the white diamond. The once thrown away diamonds with inclusions, color variations, opacity, and ranging colors are now celebrated as unique, rare, and daring in the jewelry world. They are referred to as "rustic", "natural", or "salt + pepper". They're gaining popularity with independent designers, but are slower to catch on in the world of commercially-made jewelry. They grade differently than traditional white diamonds; the Four C's don't apply. Rustic diamonds have their own standards, and different levels of value based on rarity. Size/carat weight still affects pricing, as does the quality of the cut and polish on the stone. Some colors and clarities, such as Salt + Pepper, are rarer than others, and so will be more costly. Each rose cut diamond is hand-faceted and entirely unique. You can always find two VS1/H white diamonds, but finding two of the exact same rustic rose-cuts can be impossible. This makes each diamond one-of-a-kind.

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