Moissanite Twig Ring, .8ct

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A real twig was cast in solid recycled gold to create the unique band. Featuring a Forever One™ moissanite by Charles & Colvard. This ring avoids all harmful mining of gold and gemstones, making this design a truly eco-friendly and conflict-free choice.

➣ Forever One moissanite, by Charles & Colvard
➣ Moissanite: 6mm (.80ct diamond equivalent)
➣ Thick tapered bezel setting
➣ Bezel measures 7mm in diameter
➣ Bezel is given a matte satin finish (can be polished upon request)
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➣ Recycled 14k yellow, white, or rose gold; or 18k yellow
➣ Dimensions: 2mm to 3mm wide (at the knots)
➣ Finish: polished gently, with polished/smooth interior
➣ Sizing: US whole, half and quarter sizes

This listing is for the Round Moissanite Twig Ring only; wedding bands in photos are sold separately. 

Moissanite is a lab-grown gemstone which was first discovered over 100 years ago on a meteor that struck earth. Its high refractive index and light dispersion produce brilliance and fire not seen in other gems. Its incredible durability ranks second only to diamond -- even higher than sapphire or ruby. Moissanite's sparkle, durability, and ethical lab-creation make this stone the perfect engagement ring choice. Of all the white gemstone alternatives, moissanite looks and behaves the most like diamond. 

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