Twig & Leaf Wedding Band

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A real branch was cast in solid recycled gold to create the unique band. It pairs perfectly with two hand-sculpted leafy accents. The perfect wedding band, or wear it alongside your favorite rings to create your own unique, stackable collection. 

➣ Choice of recycled 14k yellow, white, or rose gold
➣ Twig width: 2mm to ~3mm wide (at the knots)
➣ Leaves: 5mm total width; about 8.5mm combined length
➣ Finish: polished gently, with polished/smooth interior
➣ Sizing: US whole, half and quarter sizes
➣ Select color and finger size from the drop down bars

Ring is delivered in an elegant gift box, with Care & Cleaning instructions and Artist Card included. This listing is for one Leaf Band only; other rings shown in photos are sold separately.

A Note About Proportions:

This band stacks well with many engagement rings, but don't hesitate to contact Kristin if you're unsure. Remember that where the leaves rest on your finger depends upon your finger size. For reference, the model is a size 5. If your finger is smaller, the leaves may rest between your fingers a bit more if you want them to stack in the exact same spot as in the photos. If you want the leaves to rest higher on your finger, then the leaves may overlap more with your engagement ring. In summary, where your rings stack depends upon your finger size. Your stack may not look identical to how these rings stack on a size 5 finger. For further explanation and photos, see Kristin's blog post.

International Customers:

Kristin welcomes international orders! Shipping rates for international addresses are set to zero since FedEx prices vary by country and total insurance value. Contact Kristin prior to ordering to get a shipping quote. Provide your postal code and link to the item(s) you would like to order so pricing can be calculated.

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