Aqua-Teal Moissanite: a More Sparkling & Durable Alternative to Aquamarine

March 20, 2020

Aqua-Teal Moissanite: a More Sparkling & Durable Alternative to Aquamarine

Everyone loves natural aquamarine gemstones, but the reality is they simply aren't a great choice for an engagement ring. Aquamarine lacks the necessary durability to hold up to everyday wear. Plus, their low sparkle factor means they require very frequent cleaning. (We're talking like near-daily cleaning, or else your stone will look cloudy, milky, and dull, as every little speck of dust and water spot will show.) For a ring meant to be worn daily, aquamarines are just too much maintenance and upkeep. But who doesn't love the color of aquamarines? (I mean, I freaking love the color of aquas -- I have a couple antique rings from my grandmother that I bust out only for super duper special occasions, since I'm afraid of scratching them.)

I wasn't quite ready to give up on the idea of being able to offer engagement rings with an aqua-colored gem. After a crazy amount of searching, I finally found a gorgeous aqua-teal colored moissanite, which we had cut to perfection in every shape your little heart desires. Guys, WE DID IT! – I can finally offer a gem that's the perfect aquamarine alternative. It has the sparkle and durability of a moissanite, combined with a gorgeous saturated color seen only in the rarest of aquamarine gems.

Here’s all that’s to love:

MORE DURABLE:  Engagement rings should be heirlooms-in-the-making, so it's important to select a gem that will hold up over the decades. I wish it was easy as simply selecting a pretty gem -- who doesn't love the look of aquamarines, opals, morganites, emeralds, etc.? But as pretty as those gems are, they're just not very durable and can scratch and chip easily. There are only a few gems with high enough durability rankings on the Moh's Scale of Hardness that they can hold up to everyday wear. (To learn more about gemstone durability and the Mohs scale, see this blog post.) Diamonds are the hardest material on earth, ranking at 10; moissanite ranks second place at 9.25. Aquamarine only rank at 7.5-8, coming in less durable than even sapphire or ruby (which ranks at 9). But those numbers are just relative, and don’t quantify how much harder each stone is than the next. For example, moissanite is actually about 3-4 times harder than aquamarine! So as much as I love aquamarine, this lower durability rating translates to scuffing, scratching, and chipping over time. 

BETTER CUT QUALITY: Iconic aqua-teals are cut using the latest technology by a team that specializes in cutting moissanite. The Iconic stones are hands-down better cut than the vast majority of natural aquamarines on the market. Don't get me wrong -- natural mined aquamarines are still lovely, but aquamarines are nowhere near as precisely cut as a well-cut moissanite. This means an Iconic aqua-teal will have far more brilliance and a prettier overall appearance than 99.9% of aquamarines on the market. 

BETTER COLOR SATURATION: Iconic aqua-teals are vivid and saturated in color, much more so than the vast majority of natural aquamarines that tend to be paler in hue. Not only are they a beautiful rich hue, but this also means they'll hide dirt and buildup better and therefore require less frequent cleaning. (Natural aquamarine gems look very dirty extremely quickly and therefore are hard to keep sparkling.)

EXCELLENT CLARITY: After each Iconic aqua-teal is cut, they are inspected here in my studio under 10x magnification. All Iconic aqua-teals are eye-clean (meaning no visible inclusions to the naked eye), and the vast majority do not have any visible inclusions even under 10x magnification. 

CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY: Every Iconic Moissanite ring is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity so you know you're getting the real deal. Iconic Moissanite is only available exclusively from Kristin Coffin Jewelry.      


Q: Can I get a custom size/shape of aqua-teal or a customized ring combination?  
A: Since I have a limited amount of these aqua-teals, I may not have time to photograph and list every combination I have available. Don't see the exact ring from my collection with an aqua-teal? Feel free to ask! I was able to cut a handful of stones to fit almost all the settings offered in my Vintage Inspired Collection

Q: Can I request photos of different stones so I can pick out a stone for my ring? 
A: Nuances in color are nearly impossible to capture, so it doesn't work to snap comparative photos. However, the color and saturation of each shape is consistent: all of the pear cuts look the same, all the ovals look the same, etc. 

Q: They look greener or more blue in some lighting, can I request one or the other?
A: The aqua-teal rough is not fully uniform in color when it grows. You'll notice that sometimes the stones look a more aqua-teal (blue/green) like the Emerson, or sometimes a more true-teal (like the Celeste). The shapes are consistent in color: all of the shapes look exactly like the pictures in my ring listings. I'm afraid I'm unable to take requests for a different hue or saturation of aqua-teal. 

Q: How long will you have Iconic aqua-teals and Iconic teals in stock?  
I can never fully predict the flow of orders, but I should have enough stock to last through 2020. After that, I'm not sure I'll ever be able to source this color again, so snag one while you can! 

Q: Will you sell Iconic aqua-teals as loose stones? 
A: Unfortunately, I'm not selling any loose Iconic stones at this time. The aqua-teals are currently only available set into one of my ring designs seen on my website. However, I'm always designing new ring styles, so I'd recommend following my Instagram account, since I'll always post sneak peeks of new designs there first.