Find Your Ring Size

Important Tips to Find Your Ring Size

Determining your finger size or your partner’s size is one of the most crucial parts of buying a ring. Read on for some very important tips and considerations to make sure you get the right fit.

A Crucial Step

Why Accurate Sizing is Important

Our rings are resizable, but to maintain your ring’s highest integrity for years to come, we don’t recommend resizing by more than about 1 full size in either direction. For example, a size 6 ring can safely be resized up about as far as 7, or down as low as 5. That means you need to order a size that’s at least close enough that you’re within that safe resizing range. Otherwise it may require a complete remaking of the ring, and be subject to our restocking fee. But don’t fret, because we rounded up our most helpful tips to get sized accurately – or at least get darn close.


The Ideal Way to Get Sized

The most accurate way to determine your finger size is to stop into a local jewelry store to be professionally sized by trying on 2mm wide sizing bands on your left hand ring finger. Our rings feature bands or shanks that are 2mm wide, so trying on a sizing band of that same width will most accurately represent the ring you plan to order. The width of the sizing band matters because the wider it is, the more skin it must displace, and therefore the tighter it will feel. For example, a 6mm wide band will feel much tighter than a 2mm wide band, even if they’re both the exact same finger size. It’s also crucial that you’re trying on sizing bands on the exact same finger and hand as the finger you plan to wear that ring on. All of our fingers differ from each other -- even the ring fingers on our right and left hands are different sizes! 


Get sized on an “Average” Day

Get sized on a day when you feel most normal or average in size. Our fingers fluctuate from season to season, day to day, and even hour to hour. Avoid getting sized right after a workout, on a sweltering hot day, after eating lots of salty foods or drinking alcohol, or right after waking up, all of which will cause swollen fingers. Alternately, if it's snowing and freezing outside, you'll want to try to warm up your body enough that your fingers aren't unusually small when being sized. Our bodies are constantly fluctuating, so the goal is to select a size that fits the best most of the time. Try to figure out your average size by going on an average day.


At-Home Sizing Methods to Avoid

We’ve heard of all of them – wrapping a string or strip of paper around your finger, tracing or trying to measure a ring you own, or buying sizing bands online to try on at home. While all these methods may seem easier than stopping into a local store, they’re also notoriously inaccurate. Sizing is extremely specific – we’re talking down to the tenth of a millimeter in terms of diameter between finger sizes. All those string, paper, ruler, etc. methods just aren’t that accurate. But what about actual sizing bands you can buy online, like from Amazon? Unfortunately, those sizing band sets aren’t standardized and tend to be off in size, as they’re manufactured overseas with little quality control, and aren’t meant for a professional setting. We’ve seen sets that are only ¼ or ½ size off, and others that are as much as a full-size off! It takes a little more effort, but it really is worth stopping into a store in your area to be sized professionally using professional sizing bands.

Surprise Proposals

How to Determine Her Size Without Asking

We completely understand wanting to keep that element of surprise in tact! The great news is that our rings can be resized, but only within that safe resizing range of about 1 full size in either direction. That means it’s crucial that you at least get close enough, otherwise it could require a complete remaking of the ring. To find out her size, it's just good old fashioned detective work that works best. Here are some ideas:

  • 1. Enlist close friends or family for help:

    A close friend, her mother, or her sister may already know her finger size. If she’s anticipated getting engaged at some point, she may have even made it a point to tell her finger size to those close to her just for this very reason. If not, they can bring it up casually in conversation with her to find out.

  • 2. Ask one of her friends to take her shopping to try on rings:

    It doesn't have to necessarily be "engagement ring shopping." They could be out doing something entirely different around town, and happen to walk by a jewelry store. Have the friend make an excuse about how she has to stop in to get her finger sized, since her mom is passing down a ring to her and needs to know for resizing purposes. While there, they can try on rings for fun and she can urge your partner to find out her size as well. Just be sure she's trying the sizing bands on her left hand ring finger (the wedding finger here in the US).

  • 3. Borrow a ring of hers & take it to a jeweler to find out the size:

    This method is not as accurate, because she's not likely wearing that ring on her wedding finger since she's not engaged yet. (And remember how all of our fingers are different sizes?) But you can take note of what finger and hand she does wear that ring on, and Kristin can help you arrive at an estimate for her left hand ring finger. This method obviously isn’t perfectly accurate, but will give you a ballpark that should at get you within that safe resizing range.

Need More Help?

Want to make sure you’re on the right track before ordering? Kristin is always available if you'd like an opinion regarding your findings before ordering.

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