Care + Cleaning

General Care:

All jewelry from Kristin Coffin is of the highest artisan quality and with proper care, will last a lifetime and beyond. To ensure the lifespan of your pieces, please remove during activities like weightlifting or gardening, when showering or swimming, or before handling household solutions like hairspray or cleaners. When not being worn, store your pieces in separate sealed plastic bags to avoid scratches or tarnish. Happiness with your jewelry is top priority; contact Kristin Coffin or your local jeweler for more information if any repair or refreshing is desired (fees apply).


Gold is a durable metal, but it can still be scratched and damaged. Chlorine can be harmful, so take care to remove it before entering a hot tub.  Gold does not tarnish (oxidize) and therefore does not require a special chemical cleaner. Simply wipe with a soft cloth to remove dirt and oils, or use an ultrasonic cleaner if it is safe for any set gems on the piece.

Sterling Silver:

Silver can also be damaged by cleansers (see Gold above) and is more susceptible to bends and scratches due to its less durable nature.  Extra care should be taken when wearing sterling jewelry. To remove tarnish from bright sterling jewelry, use a polishing cloth. If you own a piece by Kristin with a blackened (oxidized) finish, do not steam clean or use an ultrasonic cleaner. Blackening is a surface finish and will soften with wear, turning bright silver over time. Pieces can be re-oxidized (refinished) for a fee. Contact Kristin for pricing and details.


A matte satin (non-shiny) finish will burnish with wear, becoming more polished over time. The satin can be restored by gently rubbing the piece with a green 3M pad. High-polished pieces will dull as they become scratched with wear. They can be re-polished at your trusted local jewelry store, but refrain from refinishing too often since polishing takes a thin layer of gold off the surface each time.

Diamonds & Moissanites:

Diamonds and Moissanites are some of the hardest substances on earth, but treat your jewelry with care since a blow at the right angle can still be damaging. It is important to remove your diamond and Moissanite jewelry before handling household solutions. Diamond jewelry can be damaged by everyday activities like gardening or cleaning dishes, so remember to remove and store it in a safe place.


Gemstones should not be exposed to strenuous activities, or household cleansers. Some gems cannot withstand ultrasonic or steam cleaning. The safest way to clean your gemstone jewelry is to use the soaking and toothbrush method below.


To clean behind gems and diamonds, soak jewelry in warm water with a few drops of oil-free dish soap. Gently scrub with an old soft bristled toothbrush and allow to air dry. You may also have it cleaned professionally (for free) at any local jewelry store, using their ultrasonic or steam cleaners. Check beforehand to make sure your gemstone can withstand those cleaning methods.


Take your pieces to a trusted local jewelry store to have all settings checked at least bi-annually. (This is a great excuse for a free ultrasonic or steam cleaning as well.) They will ensure that your bezel or prongs are in sturdy shape and not in need of maintenance or re-tipping. Have your pieces with flush-set gems or diamonds to be professionally cleaned in an ultrasonic a few times a year. As metal wears down with time, the metal surrounding the flush-set gems becomes thinned. After time, this may cause your gem to become loose and fall out. Having your piece professionally cleaned means the gem will be more likely to fall out while in the care of your local jeweler. If a gem falls out into the ultrasonic cleaning basket, it can be safely found and re-set. Otherwise, gems may fall out and not be found again, thus requiring a complete replacing of the gem or diamond. Ultrasonic cleaners remove any dirt or buildup that may be temporarily holding the gem in place.


There is a one-year warranty from purchase date on all small flush-set diamonds and gems. If a gem or diamond falls out, Kristin will re-set or replace the stone at no cost. This warranty becomes void if another jeweler works on the piece, such as resizing a ring after it is purchased. After the first year, loosened gems or diamonds can be re-set by Kristin for a fee. Or you may opt to have them re-set locally at your jeweler. Replacement diamonds and gems can also be purchased through Kristin if necessary. Having your piece cleaned professionally will help ensure that stones are not lost.

Insuring Your Jewelry:

The above warranty is for small flush-set stones only; there is no warranty on center stones. To protect your jewelry, center stones and jewelry are commonly insured as a rider on your homeowner's or renter's policy, or by private insurance companies such as Jeweler's Mutual.