Learn About Grey Moissanite

An Iconic Color

Grey moissanite is a bit edgy and nontraditional, but still the perfect goes-with-everything-in-your-wardrobe neutral shade. It has the sparkle factor and cut quality not seen in other colored gemstones.  


Cut by our highly-skilled team of stone cutters in Europe


Fire & scintillation not seen in other colored gems          


Ranges from a deep cool grey, to warmer smokey grey


Available in Oval, Hearts & Arrows, Pear, Emerald, Asscher, & Radiant


History of Iconic Grey Moissanite

Our Iconic line of moissanite is sold exclusively by Kristin Coffin Jewelry, and features super rare grey moissanites cut by our talented team of European stone cutters. As you may know, we quickly depleted our stock of discontinued grey moissanite that Kristin was lucky enough to buy from the discontinued vaults of Charles & Colvard many years ago. Rather than having to face the idea of saying goodbye to greys forever, we decided to launch our own line. After years of trial and error and testing out dozens of stone cutters and moissanite growers, we finally debuted our line of Iconic grey moissanite.


An Eco-Conscious Choice

Moissanite is a lab-grown gemstone since the moissanite mineral does not occur naturally here on earth. (In fact, moissanite was first discovered on a meteor from outer space that struck Earth!) The grey color occurs naturally during the moissanite crystal-growing process, which means our stones aren’t just coated with the grey color as some colored moissanites are, but rather grey all the way through the gem. That means your grey won’t fade or change over time.


Shades of Iconic Grey

Grey moissanite can range in shade from a medium smoky grey to a dark steel-hued grey with blueish undertones. In addition to the subtle differences in color from one stone to the next, each individual grey moissanite is also very chameleon-like. A single grey moissanite can shift from darker to lighter, and from cooler to warmer depending on the light source. For example, grey moissanite appears lighter and warmer when viewed outdoors on a cloudy or overcast day. Whereas indoors under artificial lighting, they appear very dark, deep, and moody. When viewed outdoors on a sunny day or in the shade, they'll have a more bluish undertone. We recommend checking out our Instagram account to see how they look in various lighting out in the world.

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The Real Deal

Every Iconic grey moissanite is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity so you know you're getting an authentic stone, available exclusively from Kristin Coffin Jewelry.   

Explore Grey Moissanite Rings

・ADELINE・Emerald Cut Iconic™ Grey Moissanite Center, Diamond Halo (2.16ctw+)
・ARTEMIS・Pear Iconic™ Grey Moissanite Center, Diamond Accents (1.81ctw+)
・ANIKA・Oval Iconic™ Grey Moissanite Center, Diamond Halo (2.75ctw+)

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell Iconic greys as loose stones?

Unfortunately, we’re not selling any loose Iconic stones at this time. The greys are currently only available set into Kristin’s designs. However, she’s always designing new ring styles, so we recommend following our Instagram account, since we often post sneak peeks of new designs there first.

Can I get a custom size/shape of grey moissanite?

At this time, only the sizes/shapes of grey shown on the website are available. We hope to introduce more designs throughout the year featuring additional sizes and cuts of stones, so check back often! However, we’re unable to take on custom orders.

Iconic greys look bluer in some lighting, can I request one of those?

Grey moissanite shifts in color depending on the light source. They can look bluer in some lighting, and more true-grey in other lighting. We take our photos/videos in various lighting to capture how it looks out in the world. Keep in mind that your stone will also shift in depth and hue as it travels with you out in the world!