Artist Bio

About the Jewelry

Natural forms in the local landscape inspire the balance between structured and organic elements found in Kristin Coffin’s jewelry.  Every piece is individually handcrafted using traditional metalsmithing techniques, including hand fabrication, casting, soldering, stone setting, and forging. Using recycled metals and conflict-free gemstones, the jewelry forms a unique relationship between the earth’s designs, its resources, and its inhabitants. Kristin prefers not to follow trends, but to create pieces that are sustainable  and versatile, suiting styles ranging from classically subtle to uniquely edgy.

About the Artist

Kristin was raised in rural New England with an artistic upbringing. She received her formal training at the University of Vermont, where she studied metalsmithing, drawing, and painting. Her career began as a goldsmith for renowned jewelry artists in both Vermont and California, before establishing Kristin Coffin Jewelry in 2009. Kristin currently resides in Denver, Colorado, which provides an array of urban and natural inspirations and adventures.