Our Story

Our Story

Kristin received her formal training at the University of Vermont, where she studied metalsmithing, drawing, and painting. She always loved the arts, but figured it wouldn’t become a career beyond college. She began creating a line of jewelry as a side business while working as a bench jeweler for other renowned jewelry artists in Vermont and later in California. Since selling her first designs in 2007, Kristin Coffin Jewelry has evolved from a one-woman show in a tiny apartment studio, to a team of talented artisans. It’s now a family affair – including even Kristin’s husband, Drew, and brother, Nick, and their adorable rescue pup, Pica. We recently moved to the wild and beautiful coast of Maine, which provides never-ending inspiration and adventures. 

Our Jewelry

Natural forms in the local landscape inspire the balance between structured and organic elements found in our jewelry. Each piece is individually crafted in the US by our team of metalsmiths, using traditional metalsmithing techniques complemented by the hippest technology in the industry. Kristin still spends days at the bench each week and has a large hand in the production of every single piece. Using only recycled metals and conflict-free gemstones, our jewelry forms a unique relationship between the earth’s designs, its resources, and its inhabitants. Kristin prefers not to follow trends, but rather to design pieces that are sustainable and versatile, rooted in originality and a connection to the environment and community.

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