10 Non-Diamond Engagement Rings You’ll Love in 2023

10 Non-Diamond Engagement Rings You’ll Love in 2023

10 Non-Diamond Engagement Rings You’ll Love in 2023

by Kristin Coffin, Owner

It’s official…non-diamond engagement rings are hot in 2023, and the trend is here to stay. The present generation of brides-to-be isn’t feeling the social pressure to don diamonds that were once the norm; couples today are looking at alternative and nontraditional options when shopping for an engagement ring. Whether you’re looking at non-diamond options due to economical limitations, the desire to live more ethically, or simply to choose a ring that matches your individual style, there are so many gorgeous gemstones that are timeless, durable, and more budget-friendly than diamonds. An engagement ring should be a reflection of personal style, and whether you’re looking for something classic, something vintage-inspired, or something uber-modern, there’s bound to be a perfect diamond alternative to match your unique love story.

What is a Non-Diamond Engagement Ring? 

There are some truly stunning non-diamond engagement ring alternatives on the market right now. Precious gemstones like sapphires, rubies, and emeralds are peaking in popularity as well as mined white diamond alternatives like moissanite or lab-grown diamond.

Some brides are even choosing semi-precious stones like topaz, garnet, moonstone, or opal for their engagement rings. And while durability may be a concern with some of these stones (if you are planning on wearing your engagement ring every day, for example), there are several gemstone options that come very close to diamonds in terms of hardness and longevity. Want to express yourself more boldly? Consider the sapphire. It is possibly the most popular non-diamond engagement ring option available today. Princess Diana’s legendary blue sapphire engagement ring is now worn by Kate Middleton. And although royal blue is the most commonly-known color, sapphires actually come in a rainbow of hues, including, pink, peach, green, and more. 

If you are looking for a stone that more closely resembles a diamond, consider moissanite or lab-grown diamond.  Moissanite has the same brilliant sparkle, and clarity and that makes the diamond feel timeless, without the fear of sketchy ethics or inflated price points. Moissanite also comes in a variety of colors such as aqua-teal and grey. If you really just want a white diamond but want to avoid the price tag or questionable ethics, then lab-grown diamonds are for you. They’re identical to mined in every way– except for the price tag and environmental or social concerns. 

Thinking about buying a non-diamond engagement ring but not sure where to start? Here are 10 customer favorite styles to get you inspired…

10 Non-Diamond Kristin Coffin Rings for 2023

Adeline + Blue Sapphire

Regal and elegant, Adeline is vintage-inspired and would make a gorgeous engagement or statement ring. She features an emerald cut Chatham lab-grown sapphire center stone.

ADELINE: Emerald cut blue sapphire diamond halo


Artemis + Aqua-Teal Moissanite 
Inspired by the Greek goddess of archery, Artemis features a pear aqua-teal moissanite center and is accented by asymmetrical lab-grown diamonds. Her edgy and modern style makes her the perfect choice for an alternative bride. 
ARTEMIS: aqua-teal moissanite diamond halo

Emerson + White Moissanite
Love a classic white stone? I’ve got you! Emerson puts a modern twist on the classic halo design. She features a colorless moissanite center stone with an even greater brilliance and fire than diamond. 
EMERSON: moissanite engagement ring

NYX + Grey Moissanite
Go big or go home. NYX is a vintage-inspired statement engagement ring that is as ethical as it is sparkling. Featuring a large moody grey moissanite center stone and conflict-free halo. 
NYX: grey moissanite fancy diamond halo ring

Avery + Peach Sapphire
The Avery three-stone ring is the perfect blend of edgy-meets-classic. She features a radiant Chatham lab-grown peach-champagne sapphire for the perfect pop of color. 
AVERY: radiant peach sapphire three-stone ring

Petra + Aqua-Teal Moissanite
Love the sea-blue/green hues of aquamarine, but want something more durable for everyday wear? Pear-shaped Petra’s aqua-teal moissanite center stone will keep her sparkle and features a leaf-inspired prong setting. It’s a unique twist on the classic solitaire design. 
PETRA: pear aqua-teal moissanite solitaire ring

Talia + White Moissanite
Vintage-inspired Talia features a radiant cut Forever One moissanite center stone from Charles & Colvard. She is classic, extra sparkly, and 100% conflict-free. 
TALIA: radiant moissanite halo engagement ring

Anika + Peach Sapphire
Vintage-inspired Anika is a fan-favorite, and she absolutely glows with a peach-champagne sapphire center stone. Her warm color looks stunning on every skin tone and she is accented by conflict-free lab-grown diamonds. 
ANIKA: oval peach sapphire diamond halo ring

Reyna + Grey Moissanite
Reyna makes a statement in every center stone but really shines in steely grey Iconic moissanite, for a perfect combination of vintage and modern. 
REYNA: grey moissanite diamond halo ring

Zahra + Lab-Grown Diamond
A classic white diamond style with an eco-conscious twist: the Zahra is timeless yet modern all at once. 
ZAHRA: lab-grown diamond halo engagement ring

What are Some Diamond Alternatives?

If you have your heart set on a classic white stone, there’s no shortage of mined diamond alternative options. My personal favorite is actually lab-grown diamond. Lab-grown diamonds are real diamonds, with the exact same chemical, optical, and physical properties as mined diamonds, except they’re grown in a lab. That means they’re not only conflict-free, but also come in around half the price of a mined diamond of the same size and grade! They truly are diamonds with a clear conscience. Learn more about lab-grown diamonds. 

Another favorite of mine is moissanite. Not only is moissanite the second hardest gem on earth (second only to diamond), moissanite actually has a higher refractive index and greater fire than diamond. Talk about maximum sparkle! Best of all, moissanite is a fraction of the price of diamonds. Learn more about moissanite. 
Moissanite & Lab-Grown Diamond Engagement Rings

Another colorless diamond alternative is white sapphire, which comes in under moissanite on the Mohs scale of hardness. While it’s not as durable as diamond or moissanite, it’s still one of the hardest gems in the world. But unfortunately, it lacks the sparkle and brilliance of moissanite or diamond, and takes an incredible amount of upkeep to keep clean. For this reason, I really caution against white sapphire.  


Is it Okay to Get a Non-Diamond Engagement Ring?

One of the most common questions I’m asked is, “Is it really ok to buy a non-diamond engagement ring?” Many brides feel subconscious pressure that their engagement rings be a certain way: It must be a diamond, it must be a certain size, it must be worth 3 months salary, and so forth. But these pressures are just the effects of years of clever marketing campaigns. And the good news is, there are plenty of diamond alternatives that possess all the qualities you could want in an engagement ring.

Are Non-Diamond Engagement Rings Less Expensive than Diamond Rings? 

It’s true that non-diamond engagement rings tend to cost less than traditional mined diamond rings. Mined diamonds are more expensive due to the supply chain: after a mined diamond is extracted from the earth (which is both monetarily and environmentally costly), it changes hands many times while making its way to the retailer. Diamond alternatives, by contrast, pass through much shorter supply chains, resulting in lower prices.

Mined diamond alternatives are typically less expensive than mined diamonds of comparable size. In most cases, you can get a gemstone or lab-grown diamond in a larger carat weight for a lower price, which is great if you’re looking for a large stone with more bling for your buck!

The truth is, many of the old norms about engagement ring budgets were created as a marketing ploy by the diamond industry, and no longer hold much relevance today. If you have a smaller budget, or would rather save your money for an incredible honeymoon, a non-diamond option makes perfect sense. Do what’s right for you and your partner and forget what you’ve heard!

The Rising Popularity of Non-Diamond Engagement Rings

The popularity of non-diamond engagement rings is no longer just a trend; alternative and nontraditional rings are here to stay. According to a  2021 report from The Knot, nearly a quarter of engagement rings that year featured a diamond alternative. And that number will surely only rise in years to come. 

Even celebrities are starting to reject the old norms. Gwyneth Paltrow and Penelope Cruz wear blue sapphire engagement rings; Eva Longoria wears a ruby; Lady Gaga wears a whopping 7-carat pink sapphire. Brides from all walks of life are starting to become more planet-conscious, less concerned about societal pressures, and ready to show off their unique and individual styles. 

If you’re shopping for a ring (or planning to propose) and still feel hesitant about buying a non-diamond engagement ring, it’s time to have that big conversation with your partner. In the end, the best ring is the one that resonates with your own personal style, with your ethics, and most importantly with your special union and the values you share as a couple. The right choice for you will always be the ring that makes you feel like the most authentic version of yourself. 

Not sure where to start but have more questions or want to discuss options? Shoot me an email, and let’s chat! 

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