Marissa & Neto's Proposal Story

Marissa & Neto's Proposal Story

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Marissa & Neto's Proposal Story

by Kristin Coffin, Owner

These photos from clients, Neto & Marissa, were just too good not to share. Their engagement session down in Mexico is insanely beautiful and unique. As if an agave farm wasn't stunning enough, keep reading to see Neto's epic proposal atop Machu Picchu! Their super talented photographer, Edgar Vega, captured their engagement shoot down in Mexico. "We are both from Matamoros, Tamaulipas, Mexico and have been dating for over 6 years -- 4 of those years have been long distance. Neto has been in Germany, then Miami, and I have been in College Station and Barcelona." 

Edgar Vega Photography

"Neto asked me for ideas of my dream ring and I had been saving yours for over 2 years at that point. There were no other rings that compared to the Emerson and Sofia that gave me that vibe while still being super different and ethically made." 

"For his 30th birthday we wanted to go somewhere special. He has had Peru on his bucket list for a while, and it all worked out with our schedules! We arrived at Machu Picchu, and Neto was trying to remain cool but his nerves were obvious"

Machu Picchu Proposal | Kristin Coffin Jewelry Machu Picchu Proposal | Kristin Coffin Jewelry Emerson Moissanite + Diamond Halo Ring | Kristin Coffin Jewelry

"When we arrived at the top of Machu Picchu, I obviously wanted pictures, and he wanted to keep hiking higher to see if the view was better. Neto had been pacing back and forth taking test shots in every angle possible. Being the photographer that he is, this behavior was normal to me. Neto asked me to go on one side of Machu Picchu and him on the other so that the Mountain was in the middle of us. I thought it was a strange pose, but I kept smiling at the camera. One click later, Neto gets on one knee and starts crying! He struggled to form words, but he finally asked, 'Will you marry me?' and I, of course crying at that moment, said 'YES!'"Kristin Coffin Jewelry | Edgar Vega Photography Kristin Coffin Jewelry | Edgar Vega Photography Kristin Coffin Jewelry | Edgar Vega Photography "We are getting married March 2019 in Tequila, Jalisco, Mexico in a beautiful hacienda. We have always wanted a wedding in Mexico because we are both Mexican, and the destination aspect allowed us to make a vacation out of it. When we visited last month, we took our photographer with us to take our engagement pictures. We wanted to have shots overlooking the whole city or overlooking a farm, but we didn’t know how to reach to these areas since Tequila is very small. We asked our taxi driver to take us to the nearest farm with a lot of agave, and he took us to the most incredible spot high up in the mountains with clouds/fog. The shots came better than we had ever imagined!"Emerson Moissanite + Diamond Halo Ring | Kristin Coffin Jewelry

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