Forever One Hearts & Arrows Moissanite: Comparison with Supernova & Round Cut

Forever One Hearts & Arrows Moissanite: Comparison with Supernova & Round Cut


Moissanite Cuts: Forever One Hearts & Arrows vs. Round Brilliant vs. Supernova

by Kristin Coffin, Owner

I’m excited to announce that I am now offering the Hearts & Arrows cut moissanite from Charles & Colvard! Stock has been fairly limited so far, but I've been trying to hoard as many as I can. Like all the other Forever One cuts, they're available in the colorless D-E-F,  as well as the near-colorless G-H-I. Since sizes are sometimes on backorder, I'd recommend shooting me an email before you order an H&A just to make sure a specific size/color is available. 

Because we all want options in life, you now have your pick of the Hearts & Arrows or Round Brilliant from Charles & Colvard, as well as the Supernova from Moissanite International. All are beautiful choices, so I'll provide some basic background info and history. 

The Hearts & Arrows cut was discovered accidentally in the 1980's in Japan where Kinsaku Yamashita noticed the hearts & arrows pattern in a gemstone. About a decade later, the cut made its way to the United States where people embraced the method of cutting as a favorite in the world of diamonds. The H&A cut has 58 facets that are precisely cut in order to produce 8 arrows seen through the crown (top) of the gemstone when viewed under specific lighting conditions. When viewed from the pavilion (bottom) of the gemstone, 8 perfectly proportional hearts appear. Through a gemstone viewer, a Hearts & Arrows cut moissanite looks like this:

Charles & Colvard Hearts & Arrows Forever One compared to Supernova and Round Brilliant Cuts


So how do you choose between moissanite cuts?

Hearts & Arrows Cut from Charles & Colvard: 
The Hearts & Arrows cut is a marker of a well-cut diamond and a look we're all very familiar with. The basic shapes of hearts & arrows have associations of love, romance, and Cupid's arrows. The facets are pronounced, and it make the moissanite have a more diamond-like sparkle and appearance. If you want your moissanite to look as close to a diamond as possible, the H&A is a great choice. 

Round Brilliant Cut from Charles & Colvard: 
Moissanite has a higher refractive index than diamonds, so the round brilliant cut from Charles & Colvard was developed to maximize moissanite's unique fire. It's also more budget-friendly than the Hearts & Arrows, which may play a role in your decision-making. 

Supernova Cut from Moissanite International:
The Supernova's cut was also developed specifically to maximize fire and brilliance in a moissanite. However, when viewed with the naked eye through the crown (top), it looks very similar to the Hearts & Arrows from C&C. The Supernova is almost like a great marriage between the H&A and Round from Charles & Colvard. Optimal sparkle, but a more diamond-like faceting pattern. 

    This blog only compares the cuts of the above three stones. There are additional factors that may play a role in your decision-making process. See this blog post for a breakdown of the moissanite companies themselves, their company history, and how the color grades of each stone compare.