Forever One vs. Supernova: Moissanite Brands Compared

by Kristin Coffin January 05, 2017

Forever One vs. Supernova: Moissanite Brands Compared

I'm excited to be able to offer two brands of moissanite: Forever One™ by Charles & Colvard, and Supernova™ by Moissanite International. Both are great companies, offering gorgeous stones in a range of color grades and price points. Which one you choose is truly a personal choice -- you'll have to weigh which factors are most important to you. Here's a summary and background of each, in order from most expensive to least expensive: 

Forever One (colorless, D-E-F)

The Forever One is by North Carolina based company, Charles & Colvard. Their stones are made in the USA, which may or may not be of importance to some clients. They were also the original creators of gem-quality moissanite, and have been producing it for over 20 years. Because they were the originators, they have greater brand name recognition. Their colorless stones grade in the D-E-F range, according to the diamond color grading scale. (If you're unfamiliar with color gradings or how the scale works, check out GIA's website for a full explanation.) The Forever One DEF is the most expensive moissanite option. 

Supernova (colorless, D-E-F)

The Supernova is by Australian based company, Moissanite International. In decades past, Charles & Colvard was the only maker of moissanite since they held the patent. In 2016 their patent expired, thus opening the gates for other competitors. Moissanite International has been developing and fine-tuning their stones in anticipation of the patent ending. Their stones are stunning, and are truly on par with those from Charles & Colvard. The Supernovas also grade in the colorless D-E-F range, so they're comparative to the Forever One D-E-F. However, the Supernovas come in at a lower price point than those from C&C. The Supernovas have an excellent cut -- I actually think some shapes are a bit nicer than those from C&C. For example, the Supernova pear cuts have less of the bow tie effect. ("Bow ties" are dark spots in a stone's cut where light doesn't reflect properly back up to the eye, thus creating less brilliance in areas of the stone.) However, I actually prefer the emerald cut Forever One, so it really depends upon the shape. Supernovas are being cut to order, and they ship from overseas, so their lead time can be a bit longer. I'm trying to keep a couple of each size/cut in stock, but it's possible a ring featuring a Supernova may take an extra 2-3 weeks. You can always email me before ordering to see if I have the size/shape in stock you plan to order. 

Forever One (near colorless, G-H-I)

In addition to their colorless D-E-F moissanite, Charles & Colvard also offers a near-colorless option that grades in the G-H-I range of the color scale. It's less expensive than Supernova, making it budget friendly. Unlike their older Forever Brilliant line (which was supposedly also G-H-I, but often was more like I-J-K for some shapes), the new Forever One GHI are truly in the G-H-I color range. Most of the oval and rounds I've seen so far are even the higher "G" color grade, and honestly look nearly identical to the D-E-F to the untrained eye. The vast majority of diamonds you see don't even grade as colorless; most are near-colorless, just like the new GHI moissanite. I'll be honest, I wasn't expecting the new GHI to be that different from their old FB, but the whiteness is really incredible. I'm a believer.  

When deciding on a moissanite, think about what's most important to you, and ask yourself these questions:
 ◇  Do you only like an icier/bluer stone, or do you prefer a little warmth?
 ◇  Are you working within a budget? 
 ◇  Does it matter to you where the moissanite was made? 
 ◇  Does brand recognition matter to you? 
 ◇  Does cut matter to you more than color and/or brand name? 

I promise to take more photos and videos in the coming weeks to add to this post and to Instagram. (Follow me on IG if you don't already!) You're welcome to email me to see if I have a certain photo/video, but if you don't see it on Instagram yet the answer is likely, "It's coming, I promise!" Thanks for your patience, as the process of photographing/videoing is a huge undertaking, and I don't have all stones in stock yet.

SALE!  FOREVER BRILLIANT (near-colorless G-H-I......but really closer to I-J-K)
Before C&C introduced the new Forever One GHI, their near-colorless option used to be the Forever Brilliant (or FB for short.) Since the FB's are no longer being made, I only have a few left -- And I'm offering them at sale pricing of 30% off the ring of your choice! (Must be a ring/setting the stone fits in.) If you'd like an FB ring for 30% off, shoot me an email to let me know which stone and setting you'd like to order. I have one of each left in the following shapes:   7x5mm Emerald  /  7x5mm Radiant  /  8x6mm Radiant. 

    The FB's were cut from a different material than the new GHI and are visibly warmer/yellower. Although C&C claimed the FB also graded in the G-H-I range, I actually think the fancy shapes (such as radiants, emeralds, pears, etc.) graded more in the I-J-K color range. Color isn't necessarily a bad thing; it's just something to be aware of. In fact, many clients actually prefer a warmer stone. Many antique rings from the Art Deco, Victorian, etc. periods are faintly yellow. Because so many antique rings have warmer diamonds, I actually have clients who will request a warmer moissanite since it gives the ring an antique feel. The warmth will also stand out more against white gold and platinum, which might be something to keep in mind. Whereas the warmth is less noticeable in a yellow or rose gold setting. 

    Below is a video comparing from left to right: 1) Forever Brilliant,  2) Forever One GHI,  3) Supernova.  (Video was taken outdoors on an overcast day.)

    Forever One vs. Forever Brilliant Moissanite Compared: Radiant, Emerald, and Pear Cuts

    New to moissanite and have more questions? Take a peek at this earlier post to read more about its properties, and how it compares to other white gem options. I also recommend following me on Instagram, where I often post comparative photos and videos. Of course, you can always email me if you have any other questions, or would like my personal opinion on a certain size/cut before ordering! Let me know the ring you plan to order, as well as how you'd answer the above questions. My direct email is: 


    Kristin Coffin
    Kristin Coffin