Grey & Blue-Grey Iconic™ Moissanite, exclusively for Kristin Coffin Jewelry!

Grey & Blue-Grey Iconic™ Moissanite, exclusively for Kristin Coffin Jewelry!


Grey & Blue-Grey Iconic™ Moissanite, exclusively for Kristin Coffin Jewelry!

by Kristin Coffin, Owner

I’m so excited to announce that I launched my own line of moissanite, called Iconic Moissanite! The Iconic line features super rare grey moissanites cut specifically for my Vintage Inspired Collection. (Yep, even in fancy shapes!) Iconic Moissanite will have its own website in the near future, but for now, here’s what you need to know: 

As you may know, I quickly depleted my stock of discontinued grey moissanite that I was lucky enough to buy from the vaults of Charles & Colvard years ago. (You can read more about the little C&C stock I do have left in this blog post.)

If you’re not familiar with naturally occurring grey moissanite, here’s the brief: The fancy grey hue occurs naturally during the moissanite crystal growing process. Charles & Colvard produced a small amount of greys many years ago, but they found the grey hue too hard to control, so they stopped making it. I was lucky enough to spot some leftover greys in their vaults a handful of years ago, so I bought up everything they had left. Sadly, that C&C grey stock I purchased is nearing its end. (The only sizes remaining are rounds 1ct and under.)

Rather than having to face the idea of saying goodbye to greys forever, I made it my mission to try to find a new source. After over a year of hunting, I found a gorgeous new source of grey moissanite rough, and a talented team of stone cutters. Moral of the story: hard work pays off. My new Iconic grey moissanites are now available and rival the color and clarity of any grey I’ve ever seen.

Possibly the most exciting part is that I'm even cutting fancy shapes like ovals, Asschers, radiants, and emerald cuts! Fine-tuning my Iconic grey line has been A LOT of hard work, sweat, tears, and trial and error, but I'm so unbelievably excited about the gems I can now offer. 

Pear Iconic Grey Moissanite Halo Engagement Ring with Diamonds in Rose gold     Grey Moissanite Emerson Diamond Halo Engagement Rings in Gold     Iconic Grey Moissanite Sofia Ring with V-Band and Eleanor Diamond Wedding Bands in yellow gold

Shades of Iconic Grey: 

Iconic greys can range in shade from a medium smoky grey to a dark steel-hued grey. The color differences are so subtle, and nearly impossible to capture on camera. (The best I can do is to describe them, since capturing these nuances in a photo is nearly impossible. So, I'm sorry -- this does mean I don't photograph or video stones for clients.) 

In addition to the subtle differences in color from one stone to the next, each individual grey is also very chameleon-like. A single grey moissanite can shift from true-grey to cooler-toned, and lighter to darker depending on the light source. For example, grey moissanite appears lighter and warmer outdoors on a cloudy or overcast day. Whereas indoors under artificial lighting, they appear very dark, deep, and moody. Outdoors on a sunny day or in the shade, and they'll have a more bluish undertone. I recommend checking out my Instagram account to see how they look in various lighting out in the world. Here's a quick link to the hashtag collection:   #IconicGreyMoissanite

**SOLD OUT** Iconic Blue-Greys: 

I was also able to get my hands on an extremely limited amount of blue-grey moissanite rough, but unfortunately, all of my stock has sold out. I've been on the hunt for that same shade of blue-grey for a year and a half now, but haven't been able to find it again. At this point it's safe to say I won't be able to source any more of this color in the future. If for some reason I'm able to, I'll be sure to make an announcement on my Instagram!  

Certificate of Authenticity: 

Every Iconic Moissanite ring is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity so you know you're getting the real deal. Iconic Moissanite is only available exclusively from Kristin Coffin Jewelry.   



Iconic Moissanite FAQ's:

Q: Will you sell Iconic greys or blue-greys as loose stones? 
A: Unfortunately, I'm not selling any loose Iconic stones at this time. The greys are currently only available set into one of my ring designs. Sourcing grey rough has taken a very long time, and it's selling nearly as fast as I can have it cut. However, I'm always designing new ring styles, so I'd recommend following my Instagram account, since I'll always post sneak peeks of new designs there first.

Q: Can I get a custom size/shape of grey or a customized ring combination?  
A: I do hope to introduce more designs throughout the year featuring additional sizes and cuts of stones. But at this time only the sizes/shapes/styles/combinations you see currently on the website are what's available. Unfortunately, I'm unable to take on custom orders.  

Q: Can I request photos of different stones so I can pick out a stone for my ring? 
A: Nuances in color are nearly impossible to capture, so it doesn't work to snap comparative photos. The best route is if you just let me know what you're looking for in a stone, as well as the metal color you're ordering. Shoot me an email and be sure to include a link to the exact ring you're ordering. Let me know any requests you have for your grey, such as warmer vs. cooler, darker vs. lighter, etc. That way I'll be sure to select the stone that's the closest match to your request. Keep in mind that availability is always changing, so it's best to reach out right before you order. (Emailing if you plan to order months later won't be accurate, since stock will change by then.)

Q: Iconic greys look bluer in some lighting, can I request one of those?
A: Grey moissanites shift in color depending on the light source. They can look bluer in some lighting, and more true-grey in other lighting. I try to take photos/videos in various lighting to capture how it looks out in the world. Keep in mind that your Iconic grey will also shift in depth and hue as it travels with you out in the world! 

Q: Are Iconic greys the same color as the discontinued Charles & Colvard greys? 
A: The 1ct C&C greys remaining are all a medium slate-hued grey, many of which have subtle micropiping often difficult to see with the naked eye. (Learn more about C&C greys in this other blog post.) The Iconic greys range in hue from dark to medium-light, and from cooler-toned to warmer-toned. Again, the differences between stones is so subtle that it's nearly impossible to capture on camera or even the naked eye!