Grey Moissanite Rings with a Twig Band in Rose Gold

Grey Moissanite Rings with a Twig Band in Rose Gold


Charles & Colvard Grey Moissanites: A Comparison of Colors & Sizes

by Kristin Coffin, Owner

Sadly, I'm already nearing the end of my stock of Charles & Colvard grey moissanites. Continue reading to find out which beauties are still looking for their forever homes! 

On rare occasions, a natural grey hue can occur during the moissanite crystal growing process. Since Charles & Colvard actually stopped producing them several years ago, so only only a select handful of round greys remain in 1ct, 1.25ct, and 1.5ct sizes. These are the only shape and sizes left (sorry, no other fancy shapes from Charles & Colvard available!). Each size has its own personality -- all of the 1ct stones are a medium, cool-toned grey, the 1.25ct are a deeper steel-hued grey, and all the 1.5ct stones have a warmer/smokier tone. You'll find video and photos to follow, with a more in-depth explanation of each size right after. *UPDATE* All of the 1.25ct and 1.5ct greys from C&C are officially sold out!

1ct  (6.5mm) 

All of the 1ct sizes are a gorgeous medium, slate-hued grey. Most are eye clean, but some feature tiny inclusions (difficult to spot with the naked eye). For now, I'm only offering them in the Camille ring and Sienna ring, but I do hope to add other solitaire (single stone rings) and an Emerson halo style to fit these 1ct beauties soon!

1.25ct (7mm) *SOLD OUT*

All of the 1.25ct greys are a deep, steely hue. They're cool-toned and are mostly eye-clean when viewed through the crown, but some do have subtle micropiping/inclusions. They look incredible in any metal color, and will display a moody, rainbow-like sparkle. In some lighting, they're incredibly dark grey, and in other lighting they're more of a steel-blue grey. 

1.5ct (7.5mm) *SOLD OUT*

All of the 1.5ct greys have a warmer, slightly yellowish undertone. Some are eye-clean, while others have some micropiping/inclusions. They look amazing in rose or yellow gold, so that's how I've decided to offer them. 

And now to answer some FAQs! 

Q: Can you set a C&C grey into a different setting than shown on the website?
A: Unfortunately, the greys will only fit in the settings currently shown on the website. 

Q: What if I want a grey in a larger size than 1ct?
A: The size/color combinations you see are what exist. I literally bought everything I could possibly get my hands on! These are the only sizes/colors left of the Charles & Colvard greys. However, I do offer dark grey Iconic Moissanite in all sizes and shapes in my Grey Moissanite Rings collection

Q: Do you have any other fancy shapes aside from rounds?
A: The only remaining greys from C&C were rounds. However, I do offer my own line of Iconic greys in fancy shapes! Find the whole collection of Iconic offerings here. You can learn more about Iconic grey moissanite in the link below.  

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