Amanda + Zach's Proposal Story

Amanda + Zach's Proposal Story

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Amanda + Zach's Proposal Story

by Kristin Coffin, Owner

Amanda and Zach were recently engaged in Muir Woods just north of San Francisco on their anniversary. Zach had the spot picked out for over a year in advance, and Amanda had no clue it was coming. Amanda had been eyeing the Sofia, but she thought there was no way he'd pick it out for her. A regular walk turned into Zach down on one knee. 

"The woods are just our kind of place. Neither of us are huge beach people. You would think we are since we live in southern California but no -- we love the mountains! He knew I also secretly thought about eloping in the woods so these photos kind of filled that want for me."

The super surprise proposal was captured by the talented Oh Kimmy Photography:

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