Kayla & Tyler's Grand Canyon Wedding

Kayla & Tyler's Grand Canyon Wedding

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Kayla & Tyler's Grand Canyon Wedding

by Kristin Coffin, Owner

"I had been looking for different and unique rings for a long time definitely wanted a different color center stone. Once I saw your grey moissanite ring I knew I wanted nothing else! I sent Tyler the picture and told him, 'Don’t propose with any other ring unless it’s that one!'" Tyler isn't a man of secrets, so after ordering the ring he told Kayla right away, but said the official proposal would be a secret. "But as soon as the ring arrived, he opened the box and freaked out because it was perfect. I couldn’t take his excitement so I looked at it too. And let me tell you, as soon as I opened that box I cried like a baby at how beautiful and perfect it was! Knowing we weren’t engaged yet I just had to put it to the back of my mind. But Tyler wouldn’t stop talking about it and showed it to everyone in my family, and telling all his family about it. I had to tell him either stop talking about the ring or propose because he was making me way too excited!" 

Kayla and Tyler knew they wanted their ceremony atop the Grand Canyon, so they booked a time of year when the weather would be ideal. It was supposed to be 65-70 degrees, but nature had other plans. Luckily, it still made for a stunning backdrop for Tangled Lilac Photography.

Like many modern-day love stories, the two actually met via Instagram. Kayla came across a photo of Tyler with a puppy on her search page, and because no one can resist a good puppy pic, she clicked and commented....and the rest is history. ❤︎ Keep scrolling to see more from their snowy Grand Canyon ceremony. 

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