You’re Sure I don’t have to buy a Diamond Ring? Really?!

You’re Sure I don’t have to buy a Diamond Ring? Really?!


You’re Sure I don’t have to buy a Diamond Ring? Really?!

by Kristin Coffin, Owner

A question I’m frequently asked concerns the pressure you feel to purchase a diamond engagement ring for your partner is whether it's really, truly okay to buy a ring with an alternative stone. Please know the pressure is felt subconsciously, engrained through years of marketing. It’s likely not even coming from friends, family, or most importantly, your fiancé-to-be.

For over half a century we’ve been conditioned through extremely effective advertising to think you must buy a diamond ring. The stone must be a certain size, and you must spend a few months’ salary to buy it. Inundated by images and ads, it’s easy to think diamonds are a necessity. The good news is there are gorgeous alternatives that possess all the qualities we seek in an engagement ring.


You want a ring to be beautiful, sparkling, unique, timeless, responsible, durable, and affordable -- all at once. Of the various white stone options, the gemological properties of moissanite are the most similar to diamond. Moissanite has that same brilliant sparkle, clarity, and crisp look that makes diamond feel timeless. Case and point, check out the Instagram post below where I asked followers to spot the difference. Scroll through to see the same two rings in 3 different types of lighting: 

Can you spot the difference? Learn the answer in my Instagram post the following day. And it’s not just about pricing, because budget isn’t the only factor we weigh when choosing a ring. Affordability aside, moissanite’s durability means it will last for generations. Plus, it’s created right here in the US, making it a truly conflict-free choice.


In today’s engagement landscape, many couples are picking out rings and discussing stones together. If this isn’t you, there’s still a good chance your fiancé-to-be is dropping hints on sites like Pinterest or Instagram. But even equipped with that info you’re sometimes still hesitant to buy a non-diamond ring. It’s not uncommon for me to receive an inquiry from a fella that’s something along the lines of, “Her friend told me this moissanite ring is her dream ring. Can I get it with a diamond instead?” I completely understand where that request is coming from. But if she wants a moissanite ring, I’d encourage you to stick with moissanite. There are probably many reasons why she loves that ring (with its moissanite) exactly the way it is. I’ll be honest, it’s a tough conversation to have, and it’s hard to undo the years of engrained societal pressure. The great news is that more and more women truly want an alternative, I swear.

If she expresses her desire for an alternative, it’s not just because she’s trying to save money. She wouldn’t sacrifice on something so symbolic.

The ring you both select should be a representation of your personal style, your philosophy, and of your special union. It shouldn’t be selected on the basis of outside pressure.


Me too! I truly believe all stones have their place, and I offer options for every type of gemstone lover out there. Or if your other half adores diamonds and you know that, then go for it. I offer a great selection of conflict-free mined and lab-grown diamonds as well. This post is simply intended for the gentlemen who are hesitant to purchase an alternative stone, even though their other half has seriously hinted they don’t want a diamond. It’s the post to tell them that, I promise you, it’s A-okay to indulge her request.

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