What are Canadian Origin Mined Diamonds?

What are Canadian Origin Mined Diamonds?


What are Canadian Origin Mined Diamonds?

by Kristin Coffin, Owner

I'm thrilled to be able to offer Canadian origin mined diamonds as an accent diamond option in all ring styles! 

I'm always very careful in my selection of mined diamond and gemstone vendors, making sure to use only those whom I've built strong and trusting relationships with over the years. This helps to ensure the mined diamonds and gems are conflict-free and in compliance with United Nations trading regulations. But a step further toward ensuring conflict-free mined diamonds is to pinpoint the origin of the diamonds -- something very tricky to do in the diamond industry. Diamonds mined from Canada are a wonderful way to track their origin.  

"Canadian origin melee diamonds are mined in accordance with the principles of sustainable development, to the highest environmental standards in the world; they have provided social benefits to the northern communities and have brought about important economic prosperity to their region."


In addition to Canadian origin mined diamonds, I also offer lab-grown diamonds as an option that's mining-free. Learn more about lab-grown diamonds in this other blog post.      

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